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We provide flexible work agreements to our users so that they can work the way they want. Our payment terms include the following aspects.


We create milestones for your work. All you have to do is to set the dates and the amount to be paid for each work or project. The job can be divided into multiple milestones and each milestone must have its own delivery time and fixed price. Breaking the assigned task into milestones helps you to keep a track of the job and thereby make payments on the completion of each milestone.

Recurring payment option

Through this option, it is easy to set up jobs or milestones as retainers. Through this option, payment can be made weekly, biweekly, quarterly and monthly basis.

Daily option

If you want you can go for an daily rate and define the maximum time to be spent per week. It is easy to generate invoices on weekly basis based on an daily basis. You can pay the Job Seeker on an daily basis. You need to decide an daily rate and also need to define the maximum days to be given for the work and finalize the project delivery date.

Task-based option

You can opt for a task-based option where payments can be made once the task gets done. This payment option allows you to make payments to the Job Seeker on the basis of the time required for the completion of the task. The payment will be done once the job is successfully done.


Our payment terms are flexible and convenient. Our agreements specify the payment terms through which you need to make payments. We provide multiple payment options to our customers among which you need to choose the one that best serves your requirements.