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Job Seeker Pricing Plans

At Topslog.com, hire the best Job Seekers at the lowest industry price. Here, we have two plans – one for customers and the other for Job Seekers. Let’s now start with the customer membership plan. 


Customer membership plan

We charge only Govt Service Tax.

Our customer membership plan has the following features –

  • You can post unlimited ads

  • You can get the work done in workrooms

  • You can request quotes from top Job Seekers

  • You can use a safe and secured payment option


Job Seeker membership plan

By signing up with us, you can avail additional features that help to attract more customers and make money on this platform. 

Our Job Seeker membership plan features –

  • You can send premium quotes

  • You can make your quote stand out when you bid for the work

  • You can avail more bids

  • You can receive up to 600 bids

  • You can boost your job post ranking through our plans

  • You can make sure that customers see your profile first

  • You send direct messages to customers


Here, it should be noted that only paid members are allowed to send direct messages to potential customers. 

Our paid Job Seekers can avail the following benefits

  • Find jobs

You can search for jobs in your category unlimited times

  • Job fee

We charge a very nominal fee for our services

  • Bids per month

Here bids are currency. You can use one bid to send 1 quote to a customer. 

  • Question and answer

You can ask direct questions to the customer related to the job

  • Premium quotes

You can use the premium quote option to make your profile stand out

  • Help to search boost

With this feature, you can make your profile rank higher on the search result

  • Sale message

With this option, you can establish a conversation with a potential customer.