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At Topslog.com, we have introduced secured payment options through SAFEPAY. This helps to provide transparency to this platform. SAFEPAY is basically a shared account which is funded by the customer before starting the work. When SAFEPAY is funded by the customers, the Job Seekers get relaxed that they will be paid for the work they have done. At the same time, customers also get relaxed that they can review the work before releasing the payment.

How does SAFEPAY work?

  • Job Seekers must define a minimum balance on SAFEPAY while creating the agreement.

  • Customers need to fund the SAFEPAY as per the payment terms mentioned in the agreement.

  • Job Seekers must deliver the work as per the requirements mentioned in the agreement.

  • Customers can use the funds at the SAFEPAY for making payments after reviewing the entire work.


Here, it should be noted that funds at SAFEPAY are not confined to a particular job or task and therefore the funds in SAFEPAY can be used for making payments for any type of work done on this freelance marketplace. Ancustomer can use this fund for the tasks done on an hourly, monthly, or quarterly basis. However, it should be noted here that funds can only be released either to the customer or the Job Seeker.


Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory to use SAFEPAY?

Answer: Well, it is not mandatory to use SAFEPAY but we recommend you to use this option especially when you are working for the first time with a Job Seeker.

Is SAFEPAY completely free to use?

Answer: Yes, SAFEPAY can be used free of cost both by Job Seekers and customers. However, if in any case, arbitration is requested, we will charge an arbitration fee of 5% to 25% from the SAFEPAY balance. The fee is taken from the funds available at SAFEPAY.

How to add funds to SAFEPAY?

Answer: Funds can easily be added to SAFEPAY by the customer based on the terms mentioned in the agreement.